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Aerosoft Bergamo 23

Aerosoft Bergamo 23: A Review of the Latest Airport Scenery for Flight Simulators

If you are a fan of flight simulation, you may have heard of Aerosoft, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality add-ons for various platforms. One of their latest products is Aerosoft Bergamo 23, a detailed and realistic recreation of the Aeroporto di Bergamo-Orio al Serio, also known as Milan/Bergamo, one of the three international airports in the Milan region . In this article, we will take a look at what this scenery has to offer and why you should consider adding it to your collection.

Aerosoft Bergamo 23

Download Zip:

What is Aerosoft Bergamo 23?

Aerosoft Bergamo 23 is a scenery add-on that covers the airport and its surroundings with high-resolution aerial images, custom buildings, service facilities, animated jetways, and more. It is available for three different flight simulators: Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS), Prepar3D V3 (P3D V3), and X-Plane 11 (XP11). Each version has its own features and specifications, but they all share the same level of quality and accuracy.

What makes Aerosoft Bergamo 23 special?

Bergamo airport is not only a hub for Ryanair and other low-cost carriers, but also an important cargo airport with a large presence of UPS and DHL. It serves over 11 million passengers every year and is considered one of the best Italian airports for services. Aerosoft Bergamo 23 captures the essence of this busy and dynamic airport with the following features:

  • Updated main terminal and apron with the latest 2021 layout

  • Interior terminal modelling with passengers

  • AFIS system

  • New north apron

  • Full surrounding details with no blurry satellite images

  • Animated jetways (SODE version available as optional zip file)

  • Functional safe gates working with AES technology (a configuration file is available for GSX users)

  • Partially prerendered shadows

  • Animated vehicle traffic on the apron and around the airport

  • Detailed AFCAD file with airline parking codes and approach procedures (AIRAC 1809)

  • Extended configuration tool

  • Working windsocks based on wind strength and direction

  • Optimised 3D runway lighting

All these features make Aerosoft Bergamo 23 a realistic and immersive scenery that will enhance your flight simulation experience. Whether you are flying a Boeing 737 or a Cessna 172, you will find something to enjoy at this airport.

How to get Aerosoft Bergamo 23?

Aerosoft Bergamo 23 is available for purchase at the official Aerosoft Shop. You can choose between three versions: MSFS, P3D V3, and XP11. Each version has a different price and system requirements, so make sure you check them before buying. You can also download a free demo version to try it out before you decide.

Once you buy Aerosoft Bergamo 23, you will receive a download link and an activation code. You will need to install the scenery using the provided installer and enter the code when prompted. After that, you can launch your flight simulator and enjoy your new scenery.


Aerosoft Bergamo 23 is a must-have scenery for flight simulation enthusiasts who want to explore one of the most interesting airports in Italy. It offers a high level of detail, realism, and performance that will make your flights more enjoyable and challenging. Whether you are flying for fun or for training, you will find something to suit your needs at this airport.

If you are interested in Aerosoft Bergamo 23, you can buy it at the official Aerosoft Shop or download a free demo version. You will not regret it!

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