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Rotate Md 80 Crack 43

Rotate MD-80 v1.43 is available

The Rotate MD-80 is a popular add-on aircraft for the X-Plane flight simulator. It is a highly detailed and realistic simulation of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80, a series of narrow-body jet airliners that first flew in 1979 and served many airlines around the world until the late 2010s. The Rotate MD-80 features a custom 3D model, high-resolution textures, advanced systems, realistic flight dynamics, custom sounds, and many other features that enhance the immersion and realism of flying this classic aircraft.

The developer of the Rotate MD-80, Rotate Simulations, has recently released a new update for the add-on, version 1.43. This update is free for all previous users, and is already being added to the download section for new users as well. You can get it here: [X-Plane.Org Store]. The update is also available using X-Updater, a tool that allows you to update your add-ons easily and quickly.


The update brings several improvements and fixes to the Rotate MD-80, such as:

  • Fixed the APU GEN switch logic.

  • Fixed the fuel crossfeed valve logic.

  • Fixed the fuel quantity indicator logic.

  • Fixed the engine fire extinguisher logic.

  • Fixed the engine oil quantity indication.

  • Fixed the engine oil pressure indication.

  • Fixed the engine oil temperature indication.

  • Fixed the engine vibration indication.

  • Fixed the engine EGT indication.

  • Fixed the engine N1 and N2 indication.

  • Fixed the engine thrust reverser logic.

  • Fixed the engine starter logic.

  • Fixed the engine bleed air logic.

  • Fixed the cabin pressurization logic.

  • Fixed the cabin temperature logic.

  • Fixed the cabin altitude warning logic.

  • Fixed the cabin emergency lights logic.

  • Fixed the cabin no smoking and seat belt signs logic.

  • Fixed the cabin PA system logic.

  • Fixed the cockpit lighting logic.

  • Fixed the cockpit annunciator lights logic.

  • Fixed the cockpit instrument lights logic.

  • Fixed the cockpit warning sounds logic.

  • Fixed the cockpit autopilot logic.

  • Fixed the cockpit flight director logic.

  • Fixed the cockpit navigation system logic.

  • Fixed the cockpit communication system logic.

  • Fixed the cockpit electrical system logic.

  • Fixed the cockpit hydraulic system logic.

  • Fixed the cockpit pneumatic system logic.

  • Improved the flight model stability and performance.

  • Improved the ground handling and braking behavior.

  • Improved the wing flex animation and effect.

The Rotate MD-80 is one of the most realistic and enjoyable add-ons for X-Plane, and this update makes it even better. If you are a fan of classic airliners, or just want to experience a different kind of flying, you should definitely check out this add-on. You can find more information about it here: [Rotate Simulations].

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