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Giantess Zone Beginning Of The End

Giantess Zone Beginning Of The End: A Review of the Popular Giantess Video Series

Giantess Zone is a website that produces and sells videos featuring giant women, or giantesses, who interact with normal-sized people and objects in various scenarios. One of their most popular series is called "Beginning Of The End", which features a group of giantesses who invade and destroy a city, while also having fun with some of the survivors. In this article, we will review the series and discuss its plot, characters, effects, and themes.



The series consists of four episodes, each about 15 minutes long. The first episode introduces the main characters: Nova, Ellie, Jessica, and Amy. They are four friends who are part of a secret experiment that gives them the ability to grow to enormous sizes. They decide to use their power to take over the world, starting with a nearby city. They sneak into the city at night and begin to grow, causing panic and chaos among the citizens. They also encounter some resistance from the military, but they easily overpower them.

The second episode shows the giantesses having fun with their new playground. They play with cars, buildings, helicopters, and people, crushing them or tossing them around. They also find some survivors who try to hide or escape from them, but they catch them and use them as toys or snacks. They also tease and taunt each other, showing their different personalities and preferences.

The third episode focuses on Nova, the leader of the group. She is the most ambitious and ruthless of the giantesses, and she wants to make the city her own. She claims the tallest skyscraper as her throne and orders the other giantesses to bring her more people to entertain her. She also challenges the remaining military forces to a final showdown, confident that she can defeat them all.

The fourth episode is the climax of the series. It shows the final confrontation between Nova and the military, who have deployed their most advanced weapons and vehicles to stop her. However, Nova proves to be too powerful and smart for them, and she manages to destroy them one by one. She also faces off against Ellie, who has grown tired of Nova's arrogance and cruelty. Ellie tries to stop Nova from killing more people, but Nova sees her as a traitor and attacks her. The two giantesses engage in a fierce battle that shakes the city.


The series features four main giantesses, each with their own personality and style. Here is a brief description of each one:

  • Nova: She is the leader of the group and the main antagonist of the series. She is blonde, blue-eyed, and wears a black leather outfit. She is very ambitious, ruthless, and sadistic. She enjoys dominating and destroying everything in her path. She has no empathy or remorse for anyone or anything. She is also very confident and smart, often outwitting her opponents.

  • Ellie: She is Nova's best friend and second-in-command. She is brunette, green-eyed, and wears a red dress. She is more playful and adventurous than Nova, but also more compassionate and moral. She likes to have fun with her victims, but she also tries to spare some of them or help them escape. She often disagrees with Nova's actions and motives, but she follows her out of loyalty and friendship.

  • Jessica: She is a blonde-haired, brown-eyed giantess who wears a blue bikini. She is very cheerful and bubbly, but also very naive and clueless. She doesn't understand the consequences of her actions or the feelings of others. She just follows Nova's orders without question or hesitation. She likes to play with cute things, such as animals or people.

  • Amy: She is a redhead-haired, hazel-eyed giantess who wears a purple jumpsuit. She is very shy and timid, but also very curious and innocent. She doesn't like violence or destruction, but she is too afraid to stand up to Nova or Ellie. She prefers to explore and learn about new things, such as buildings or machines.


The series uses a combination of live-action footage, computer-generated imagery (CGI), and green-screen technology to create the illusion of giant women interacting with normal-sized environments and people. The quality of the effects varies from scene to scene, depending on the complexity and realism of the interaction. Some scenes are more convincing than others, but overall they are well-done and impressive.

The series also uses sound effects and music to enhance the atmosphere and mood of the scenes. The sound effects include the giantesses' footsteps, voices, and actions, as well as the screams and noises of the people and objects they encounter. The music is mostly composed of rock and metal songs, which match the tone and pace of the series.


The series explores several themes, such as power, domination, morality, friendship, and revenge. The series shows how power can corrupt and change people, making them greedy, selfish, and cruel. It also shows how power can create conflict and rivalry, both among the powerful and the powerless. The series also questions the morality and ethics of the giantesses' actions, and whether they are justified or not. It also shows how friendship can be tested and strained by different values and goals. Finally, the series shows how revenge can motivate and drive people, but also consume and destroy them.


Giantess Zone Beginning Of The End is a popular giantess video series that offers a thrilling and entertaining experience for fans of the genre. The series has a compelling plot, interesting characters, impressive effects, and relevant themes. The series is not for everyone, as it contains scenes of violence, gore, and sexual content that may be disturbing or offensive to some viewers. However, for those who enjoy this type of fantasy, the series is a must-watch.

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